Our Family Loves Kettlecorn

We are a family-run business out of Spencer, NC. We believe in bringing you the best quality kettle corn. Your family is our family and we want you to have the best. Our business is growing because of our wonderful customers and their loyal support. Success would not have been possible without y’all! We hope to continue growing and expanding our accessibility so that we can reach more of our family across this great nation.

Popcorn has always been an intricate part of our family memories. Since I was a little girl I have been in love with popcorn. Christmas always excited me because it was the time of year when I would receive a new type of popcorn popper. I passed this tradition on to my children. As my children grew, their love of popcorn became synonymous with family. They pushed me to explore new flavors, spices, and yes, sugar in my popcorn. Who knew that we would all fall in love with a sweet treat, aka kettle corn.

In 2016, we decided to take this idea and turn it into a family-run business. We started out by popping at a local farmer’s market and we asked family, friends, and anyone brave enough to sample different batches of kettle corn until we found the perfect combination. Even to this day, we continue to strive for the best recipes.

Every day, month, and year brings a new adventure for us. We have grown from shifting our kettle corn with plastic tubs and stirring by hand for a crowd of 30,000 customers to upgrading our equipment and doing countless events, learning about copyright laws, and learning what it takes to build a website and these are just a few of the things we have improved upon. It has been an endless learning experience, but we would not change it for anything because we have made so many new and wonderful friends along the way that would not have been possible without kettle corn.

Laurie and Family